Along The Way To Wudang


After careers in politics, the law, cooking and computer programming, 65 years old and wanting at least one more great adventure, I left for the other side of the world from Cape Cod. A taiji practitioner for more than 20 years and a student of Daoism, I went in search of a new Master, and found so much more at a mountaintop temple in Hubei Province, China.

The book is about my experience as a westerner traveling to my temple, about life at the temple, and what I think I learned there.  It is also a story of personal redemption, of rehabilitation, and of a great adventure very late in life.

“What has resulted is an engaging, amusing, and insightful tale of an old man’s last ditch, life-changing quest. It has a broad appeal beyond the inner circle of family, friends and students. Our society is obsessed with youth. This is a rare, remarkable, uplifting and life affirming story of old age. We get to share the adventure of a man who proved that it is never too late to overcome adversity with a vision quest. In that sense this is a warrior’s tale.”

 ~ Charles Giuliano, Art Historian and Author  of 8 Books