Living A Daoist-Based Life In Today’s World

A 20-class course that includes an examination of the Dao de Qing, and a thorough study of the “49 Barriers To Spiritual Growth.”  The former is the basis of Daoist philosophy, and was written or dictated by Laozi over 2,500 years ago; the latter is a translation of an ancient scroll/scripture that identifies the obstacles to progress along one’s spiritual path to The Great Dao.

All reading materials are provided, and instruction is individual.  We are all either on or searching for a spiritual path to walk in life as we seek to understand our place in creation.  This course will offer one such path to consider.  We are all climbing the same mountain, each taking our own path to the top.

Classes are around 1 hr 15 minutes weekly, so this is a 5 month course.  The fee is $250, which can be paid in full at the beginning of the course, or in two payments of $125 at the beginning of each 10 classes.

The parking lot is adjacent to #396 E. Main Street, North Adams.  This course is offered on a first come basis, as there are only 6 openings this fall. However, the course will be offered again in the spring of 2024.

If you are interested, please use the Contact Form to reach me.  I will respond within one day.