We walk our path with steps determined

Flashlight shined ahead.

At morning wake and pray come night

We’ll safely find our bed.


And in between we walk our path

To learn what comes that day.

With eyes wide open, mind so clear

We walk along our way.


Our path has twists and curves that come

And turn us all around.

Encounters come to fill our day

The push and pull abound.


Sometimes paths will cross in earnest

Two become just one.

The path is shared for reasons 

That once fulfilled comes done.


Paths diverge and we continue

Walking ours again.

We say goodbye with wishes well

We take a step and then


We round the bend and look ahead

To just this moment’s view

Adopt the pace of nature to

Give each moment’s due.


But while the path was shared by two

And moments shared as well

The reason lost in moment’s due

We never failed to tell.


The sharing was the purpose,

And each put forth their due

The parting came in its own time

And we departed new.


We walk our path alone at times

And sometimes even longer.

The paths we shared prepare us for

Those times to be much stronger.


Crossing paths will always have 

A reason we can’t find

Until a later date has come to

Open up our mind


And make it clear the crossing paths

Were meant to move our soul

To higher plains and better views

And understand the role


That each has played in times together

Meaningful and true

To wish each other safer passage

Along that higher view.